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Custom Ethernet Cords and Cable Assemblies Orem Utah
Custom Ethernet Cords and Cable Assemblies

Our production laboratories are proud to offer "Made in the USA" custom copper Ethernet cable assemblies.

We are located at 73 S. Jensen Rd., Port Angeles, Washington in Clallam County. 

We use a variety of cable manufacturers to meet your specific needs. Computer Assisted Design (CAD) drawings
are available at no charge to ensure the item is correct prior to manufacturing.

Color Options:
Available in Unshielded and Shielded
Black, Blue, Green, Gray, Red, Orange, Purple, White, Yellow, Pink, Neon Green, Brown, Light Blue

Wire types:
· Unshielded and Shielded
· CM, CMR (Riser) or CMP (Plenum) Rated Jackets

Contact us and we can quote you on your custom Ethernet cable needs!

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